Fingertec Face ID 4
Continuing our line of Biometric time and attendance systems the Face ID 4 uses face recognition is the perfect solution for your staff attendance requirements.
  • Contactless Identification Method
  • Revolutionary Face Technology
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Retrieve data via network cable
  • Comes with TCMSV3 Attendance Software
  • 3 Year factory warranty on hardware
  • Stops staff Buddy Punching
  • Wi-Fi optional (2.4GHz)


Face ID4 Brochure

Face ID4 User Manual

About the Face ID 4

The Fingertec Face ID 4 uses new Biobridge VX 8.0 Technology to accurately use facial features to enroll and verify employees. This gives you accurate fast and easy Time and Attendance data for your business.

Some of the features include Network Port which all ows you to download the data directly from the clock. The package also includes our TCMSV3 Software for calculating attendance.

We proudly supply this Biometric Time and Attendance system to anywhere in Australia. Contact our Resellers to find out more.

For more information about this product please download the FaceID4 Brochure.


Compatible Software

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Product Video

Check out the Face ID 4 Video