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A Biometric Time Clock is an Employee Time Clock that uses physical human characteristics to identify the person. This could be

a fingerprint or face recognition system.

When being used in Employee Time & Attendance Systems it allows for statistical data

to be collected in relation to employee time and attendance.

This helps facilitate the integration of time clock data into payroll software such as MYOB


Biometric Time Recorders also stop employees from Buddy Punching.


These employee time clocks take over from the old Bundy Clock style card punch systems

and allow verification methods including fingerprint and face recognition (Face ID).

The quick answer is NO someone cannot steal your fingerprints.


Biometric Time Clocks use a method of matching shapes in a fingerprint to codes in the software.

In short this means that there is never a full image of a fingerprint on our system.

Even if someone figured out a way of matching the codes up to shapes the image would not be a full fingerprint

but rather shapes that had been picked up on the finger.

This also means that with Biometric Time & Attendance systems you are safe from identity theft.


More information is available about Biometric Data and how it is kept in our systems click below to find out.




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The Fingertec range of Biometric Employee Time Clocks come with two software options.


Our Time & Attendance software is bundled with the terminal and is called TCMS or Time Control Management System.

This software is designed to install on a single computer and connect to the Employee Time Clock either by Computer Network

or via USB Flash drive.


TCMS is a full employee time and attendance system for the Windows Operating System and includes features such as Payroll Integration

with a range of payroll software including MYOB Payroll, Quickbooks, Talent2 and many more.


For more information about TCMS please Click Here.


Each of the Fingertec models are able to be setup as Job Costing systems for an additional fee.


When you order any of our TimeLine 100, TA200 or FaceID 4 you can request with the reseller that the terminal be

Job Cost capable and they will quote you for this function.


Once enabled Job Costing will allow you to specify work hours based on jobs or projects which are known in our

software as Work Codes.


You are then able to generate reports that show the total hours worked on a particular job or project.


This information can then be separated in the payroll export so that in your payroll software you can pay employees

a specific rate for each job they worked on.