Fingertec TA 200Plus Time and Attendance System
TA200Plus Fingerprint Time and Attendance System
  • Biometric Fingerprint
  • Network Connectable
  • Comes with TCMSV3 Time & Attendance Software
  • Stops staff buddy punching
  • Integrates into MYOB & Unipay Payroll software



About the TA 200Plus

The Fingertec TA 200Plus is a great solution for staff Time and Attendance tracking.

This TA200 Plus allows for Fingerprint, Proxy Card and Code clock in.

Some of the features include Network Port which allows you to download the data directly from the clock.

The TA200 Plus gives you amazing and convenient features such as work codes and short message display.

We proudly supply this Biometric Time and Attendance system to anywhere in Australia. 


Compatible Software

Check out our TCMSV3 Software


Product Video

Check out the TA200 Video