Fingertec TA700WIFI Time and Attendance System

The TA700W is designed to be the most user friendly, convenient and efficient Time Attendance device for small &medium sized businesses.

  • Biometric Fingerprint
  • Network Connectable
  • Comes with TCMSV3 Time and Attendance
  • Elegant Biometric Scanner with WIFI capabi lity


TA700WIFI Brochure

TA 700 User Manual

About the TA 700WIFI

The Fingertec TA 700W is a great solution for staff Time and Attendance tracking.

The TA700W comes with a full colour TFT screen for appealing display of company logo, screen saver and many more.

Do away with wires, cables and papers. TA700W has WiFi for automatic wireless transactions on 2.4GHz frequency.

The package also includes our TCMSV3 software, you can easily generate several types of reports like Electronic Time card, attendance sheet or attendance summary.

We proudly supply this Biometric Time and Attendance system to anywhere in Australia.

For more information about this product please download the TA700WIFI Brochure as listed above.


Compatible Software

Check out our TCMSV3 Software



Product Video

Check out the TA700W Video