Fingertec Adaptec Plus
FingerTec Adaptec Plus
  • Power Up Terminals & Door Lock Systems
  • Seamless Integration with
    FingerTec Terminals
  • Cost Effective


Adaptec Plus Brochure

About the FingerTec Adaptec Plus

The AdapTec Plus is an exceptional FingerTec accessory in a small package!

Connects well to any 12V rechargeable backup battery, providing power to ensure protection of access during any
events of power failure.

We proudly supply the FingerTec Adaptec Plus to anywhere in Australia. Contact our Resellers to find out more.

For more information about this product please download the Adaptec Plus Brochure.


Enchanced Security with Encrypted Signals

It supports FingerTec encrypted
26-bit Wiegand communication
output; providing enhanced security
level for extra protection.
Supports Rechargeable





Control IN/OUT Terminals At An Entrance
AdapTec Plus is a perfect choice for
an IN/OUT install ation, where a door
is controlled both, at the entrance
and the exit.