Fingertec Enclosure Plus


FingerTec Enclosure PlusFingertec Enclosure Plus

Securing Terminals with the Enclosure Plus
  • Customized to Fit Perfectly
  • See-Through Panel
  • Lock to Secure
  • Simple Installation
  • Made from zinc metal and tempered glass

 Fingertec Enclosure Plus

FingerTec Enclosure Plus

About the FingerTec Enclosures Plus for the FingerTec Terminals

FingerTec Enclosure Plus is designed to reduce mild surrounding environmental hazards to lengthen the lifespan of FingerTec terminals
installed outdoors. Made from zinc metal and tempered glass, the Enclosure Plus fits most FingerTec models for extra protection from dust particles, water and unnecessary vandalism. The enclosure plus is IP56 rated, proving its outstanding protection factor, and comes with an optional feature of a built-in heater paired with a thermostat, ideal for maintaining temperatures in countries with harsh winters.

We proudly supply the FingerTec Enclosures Plus to anywhere in Australia. Contact our Resellers to find out more.


Simple Installation
Installing the Enclosure Plus is easy.
With a mounting plate included,
the Enclosure Plus comes with a
user-friendly DIY installation guide
for a simple installation.

Customized to Fit Perfectly
The Enclosure Plus is customized to
accommodate almost all FingerTec
terminals, ensuring a perfect fit for
each compatible model.