Fingertec R2C Slave Terminal
FingerTec R2C Slave Terminal
  • Slaves are essential in a Smart
    Access Control system
  • Small Size
  • Cost Effective


R2C Brochure

About the FingerTec R2C Slave Terminal

FingerTec R2C is a slave terminal designed to serve FingerTec master terminals such as at the Q2i for a
more cost-effective IN-OUT access control system.

The sleek-looking, compact, and space-reserving FingerTec R2C establishes a connection via the RS485 interface to the master terminal.

A simple mechanism applied to R2C, all verifications and data storage are managed by a master terminal.

We proudly supply the FingerTec R2C to anywhere in Australia. Contact our Resellers to find out more.

For more information about this product please download the R2C Brochure as listed above.


Flexible Installation Distance

The installation distance between
the master terminal and the R2c
slave terminal can go as far as 10
meters with a standard 4-core
shielded Belden cable.





The R2c pairs with FingerTec Terminals

The R2c is specially designed to seamlessly pair with
FingerTec fingerprint model the Q2i